From the idea to its coming true


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My husband and I have just opened an online art gallery together.

The idea – My husband and I are both architects, and we both have always found it natural that we are interested in fine arts.
The thought of engaging in the line of art was my idea, it was conceived when I was looking at the drawings and photos of one of our architect friends. The pictures were so novel, fresh and unique – each of them a world of its own! I could imagine all of them on the walls of my living room.

The concept and the project – The ideas about this art project kept coming, and I kept writing them down. The core concept was representing talented Hungarian artists in Switzerland (where I am working currently) and internationally. Online presence was fundamental from the beginning. I have been collecting data, reading literature on the subject, I have been monitoring and analysing the profiles of other online galleries. This is where my husband joined the project: his task was to create a functioning, super website with online shopping function. Besides all these, maybe the most important thing was talking to many of our acquaintances, asking for their advice and getting inspired – and also inspiring others. These conversations proved to be very valuable.

Business plan – It has become clearer and clearer: we would launch a gallery that focuses mostly on Hungarian artists and themes. These themes include Budapest as a city with urban spaces, an amazing architectural history, urban elements and episodes. The artworks would be sold as high-quality prints, and we would work together with a Swiss printing house as a supplier.

Technical part – This part took the longest: to digitally edit and upload all the pictures, to piece the content of the website together, to make print trials and to manage administration. We tried to accentuate underlying values and technical solutions in an equal manner, along every step of the way. We consider the website not only as a technical resource but as a medium capable of conveying values as well.

Opening the website – Maybe a bit naively and too enthusiastically, at any rate wholeheartedly, we present the pictures of our gallery! It is a pleasure to look at all these fantastic artworks!
Be a part of our starting project, thank you for joining us!

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17 thoughts on “From the idea to its coming true

  1. All my best wishes Beatrix. Art requires patience. But I am sure it will be a success. Remember that in the digital world you need “prospects” by the tens of thousands… Are your prints numbered?
    Take care.

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  2. Hi Beatrix! Sounds like a good idea, and I think you do have a lot of good stuff to share.
    One small thing, though, “Can you make the header roll up (when we scroll down the cursor/pointer) ?” I believe that would make the reading/viewing experience much easier. Just saying. 🙂 Cheers!

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