ARTODU = Art+Budapest+Architecture

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ARTODU chooses to be significant and remarkable: our artworks are more architectural, abstract and many of them have a deep connection with the urban art and with Budapest.
Let us introduce you a few famous Hungarian artists from the history of modern art.

László Moholy-Nagy

“Designing is not a profession but an attitude… Thinking in relationships.” 

László Moholy-Nagy was an Hungarian-American Designer, Filmmaker, Painter, Photographer, Sculptor, and Theoretician.
His Bauhaus period was important to the formation of his geometric, linear style – an ‘industrial aesthetic’ most evident in his paintings.
Under the direction of Walter Gropius, members of the Bauhaus created an architectural style inspired by the clear geometric shapes and lines of constructivism. Their method of communal work and the mix between architecture, art, craft, design, and technology aligned well with Moholy-Nagy’s philosophy. The marriage of the geometric forms with the play of light, colour, and transparency are clearly apparent in many of Moholy-Nagy’s works.

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