ART and ARCHITECTURE – our offline presence in Switzerland


WHY Budapest and WHY architecture?

A lot of people are asking this question when we speak about our concept of setting a new and characteristic aspect in the surrounding art world.

Well, contemporary art is blooming, there are so many talented and emerging artists worldwide and there are so many online galleries with thousands of artworks – you can hardly find what you are searching for.

ARTODU chose a way to be significant and remarkable: ARTODU is a gallery with artworks which are more architectural, abstract and many of them have a deep connection with the urban art and with Budapest.

Budapest as a theme is unending. Budapest is a modern and lively city with history, with interesting streets and buildings, with amazing details.


Artodu’s plan for 2018

After a few months, it was clear, that the SWISS part of the communication should be more balanced. Not only with the printing of the artworks, which are made in Switzerland, but also with more artists from Switzerland.

We started our offline presence in a local shop in Menzingen and we are looking for more and more places around Switzerland to be reachable and present. We would like to display the artworks in a friendly way, getting closer to the customers. Affordable, high-quality art prints – online and offline.


Copyright © 2018 ARTODU ART BLOG and ARTODU Online Gallery of Contemporary Art by Beatrix Koch. All rights reserved.





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