Budapest series – 1. Railings

2 bp hidak (11)

By Beatrix Koch

#budapest #photographs #blackandwhite #art #urbanphotography

In this series I will present a few “Budapest moments” through the eyes of our artists.

The first picture was taken by Máté Ladjánszki, a young Hungarian photographer, who loves Budapest, this amazing city and takes photos from interesting angles and points of views.

The photo Railings was taken from the Margaret Bridge and the composition includes the building of the Parliament on the left side, and the riverbank of the Buda side with the spires and the castle on the right.

The photo is FREE for download from our website!


ARTODU is a Swiss online art gallery, supporting emerging artist mainly from Budapest, Hungary.

Beatrix Koch is an architect and urbanist who founded ARTODU and cares about culture, art and humanity.

Copyright © 2018 ARTODU ART BLOG and ARTODU Online Gallery of Contemporary Art by Beatrix Koch. All rights reserved.

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