4 Questions + 4 Answers = Artists Interviews

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By Beatrix Koch

Q1: Why did you choose photography as a career?

I chose photography because it gives me a chance to visually express myself, my thoughts. I love the diversity, the many-sidedness of photography. In addition, it used to be my hobby, but now I can proudly say it became a part of my everyday life, because this is what I study at the university, and because I will work in this area.

casual (6) - Elisabeth-bridge a

Q2: How would you describe your work, its creative process?

I have two different work processes. Sometimes, a world-changing idea occurs to me in the shower, and I can get to work with a well-thought-out vision. On these occasions, I know exactly whom or what I will photograph, when, where and how. I can really see the finished picture before my eyes, I just have to follow the path to it. But at other times, I just let my current mood and emotions to affect the picture, completely spontaneously. When the flow carries me, ideas of discovery come without struggling.

selection (7) - Another brick in the wall_ps

Q3: Why are you working in Budapest?

I love Budapest a lot. It is the most beautiful of many European cities (and I am not only saying this out of patriotism and one-sidedness). The stunning buildings, the atmosphere, the buzz of the people, the whirl, and the endless motion always dazzle me. It is not my official place of residence, but I spend a lot of my time there. My hometown, Veresegyház, where I was born, is the complete opposite of it, it is very dear to my heart. I am fond of this place because of the peace, the silence, the lakes, forests, meadows; I always find it very relaxing to live here.

casual (5) - Parla

Q4: What is your favourite place in Budapest?

My favourite places in Budapest are the Kálvin tér (Calvin Square), the Margit-sziget (Margret Island), the Eiffel tér (Eiffel Square) and the embankment. Many experiences and memories connect me to these places. In Veresegyház, the Öreg-tó (Old Lake) and its vicinity are my favourite places, this is where I go jogging, or to talk to my friends, to swim, and for recreation.

2 bp hidak (10)

ARTODU is a Swiss online art gallery, supporting emerging artist mainly from Budapest, Hungary.

Beatrix Koch is an architect and urbanist who founded ARTODU and cares about culture, art and humanity.

Photo credit: Máté Ladjánszki and Máté Ladjánszki Photography

Copyright © 2018 ARTODU ART BLOG and ARTODU Online Gallery of Contemporary Art by Beatrix Koch. All rights reserved.

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