Budapest Series – 2. Water City (Víziváros) on the Buda Side


By Beatrix Koch

This second part of the Budapest series will feature two drawings by Zoltán André.

Both pictures are motive-gesture, architectural and  intuitive drawings of one of the most beautiful parts of Budapest, the Víziváros (literally: “Watertown”).

Víziváros is a part of Budapest, on the Buda side of the Danube, just under the Castle Hill. With twisting streets, and old, cozy houses and staircases.

It is a part of the city that revives the feeling of ancient ages. A unique quality of this area is that the entrances of the houses are all about one meter below the water level. Víziváros has been a busy part of the city ever since Roman times, the Turks even built a bath here, which is still open to visitors.

The Szalag street and the Pala street are crossing streets in the Víziváros.


ARTODU is a Swiss online art gallery, supporting emerging artist mainly from Budapest, Hungary.

Beatrix Koch is an architect and urbanist who founded ARTODU and cares about culture, art and humanity.

Copyright © 2018 ARTODU ART BLOG and ARTODU Online Gallery of Contemporary Art by Beatrix Koch. All rights reserved.






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