By Beatrix Koch

Q1: Why did you choose photography as a career?

To me, photography is both a challenge and a form of creative work. It is a privilege to stand behind the camera. It is also an incredible responsibility, because through our photographs we display people, stories and real-life situations. These moments will never ever repeat themselves. There and then, we have to be able to make the most of what we want to say, the message we want to send to the world. Past, present and future are entwined in a single moment.

forest in light

Q2: How would you describe your work, its creative process?

It has happened to me several times, that I went somewhere with the purpose of taking photos; but either the beauty of the sight, the sadness of it, or my own mood overwhelmed me so much, that I didn’t even take one photograph to preserve it for posterity. Creating art has never been a constraint, a compulsive task to me… If I can feel or see something, I try to impart it in an authentic way, “through my own pair of glasses”.


Q3: Why are you working in Budapest?

I live in Budapest, but fortunately, my moments of creation are not inherently linked to this beautiful city. I have been to many parts of the world, there are several countries where I lived for several years, so I had the fortune to get to know the world and the people of these foreign cultures.


Q4: What is your favourite place in Budapest?

Any point of Budapest can be exciting for me! Anywhere, where there are people, where different religious or cultural events take place. To me, the most important is that the people, the happenings, the smells or the lights provoke emotions in me.


ARTODU is a Swiss online art gallery, supporting emerging artist mainly from Budapest, Hungary.

Beatrix Koch is an architect and urbanist who founded ARTODU and cares about culture, art and humanity.

Photo credit: Kata Kőműves and Katagraphy

Copyright © 2019 ARTODU ART BLOG and ARTODU Online Gallery of Contemporary Art by Beatrix Koch. All rights reserved.


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