Liz Nielsen – Entanglement

By Lilla André

EXHIBITION in Budapest, Horizont Gallery

Last Friday I had the opportunity to visit the Horizont Gallery in the heart of Budapest and have a look at the solo exhibition of photograper and contemporary artist, Liz Nielsen.

Nielsen was born in Wisconsin in 1975 but now she lives and works in New York City. She graduated in Philosophy and Spanish, got an M.F.A. in Photography at the University of Illionis in Chicago and a B.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since then she has been experimenting with the unique technique of negative or analog photography and photograms which she mixed with her unconventional technique she calls “painting with light”. This is quite different from normal photography. In fact you don’t even need a camera. These art pieces are made with cut out shapes and objects placed directly onto photographic or light sensitive paper and then it all has to be exposed to light, leaving the negative shapes of the objects on the paper.
The exhibition’s name refers to Quantum Entanglement which is a physical condition of two or more particles or physical systems being in quantum state connecting each other.
She plays with light and layers and of course the endless variations of compositions. What really grabbed my attention was the way she uses colors and creates these abstract shapes which reminded me to a still life or a landscape photo with a twist.

As I was walking through the exhibition I found myself relating to these artworks. About two years ago I started making photograms in black and white, experimenting with textures, shapes and lights and developed my pictures myself. In the photo lab of an artist I tried colored photograms too.
Liz Nielsen’s exhibition gave me a lot of inspiration and has definitely shown me another interesting side of photography.


Photo credit: Lilla Andre

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