Dear readers and followers,

I really appreciate your time and interest to follow my adventure and my writings here. I am an architect and urbanist who founded ARTODU, an online art gallery to represent emerging contemporary artists from the beautiful and unique city, Budapest. I will introduce you this artists and artworks and I will report on many-many interesting topics. Please, be a part of my adventure!

Kind regards, Beatrix Koch

About Beatrix 

Beatrix studied architecture and urban design in Budapest.
Today she lives and works in Switzerland where she founded an online art gallery, ARTODU, to support emerging Hungarian artists.
She published many technical and architectural articles in Hungary and was co-writer of technical books before. Her interest in writing besides architecture and art dates back to her early childhood. In 2018 she started publishing her short stories online, mainly for her friends, both in English and Hungarian. She writes in her two blogs ARTODU ART BLOG and BEATRIX KOCH BOOKS about art, culture and interesting stories. Two of her short stories will be published in 2019: the “Fate of a girl” in the anthology “Abuse” and the “Flowers from a Stranger” in the anthology “novum #4”.


Artodu is an online gallery representing artists from Budapest, one of the cultural hubs of Central and Eastern Europe. These artists’ fresh and individual visions are current and inspirational. Our gallery displays photography, architectural and spatial works of art, as well as cultural aspects of music, literature and cinematography. The paintings, engravings, photographs and drawings interconnect like threads of a lively fabric. Characteristically urban, distinctively Central European we are founded on the cultural values of Budapest, a city redolent with age. ARTODU

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